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02 October 2020

Oeiras Valley is home to a unique ecosystem in Portugal, made up of multinational companies, science and technology laboratories and unparalleled office equipment in the metropolitan area of Lisbon.

There are several international examples of cities and regions where the combination of local and national investment in the promotion of science, excellence, innovation and the internationalisation of scientific research has led to a considerable increase in the number of scientific institutions and science and technology – based companies. This attracts critical mass, generates jobs and considerably increases the scientific literacy of the citizens. This is the ambition of the Oeiras Science and Technology Strategy.

At Quinta da Fonte we share the same vision and are proud about being part of Oeiras Valley.

Quinta da Fonte – Business Ecosystem – in 1 minute
Quinta da Fonte by Luís Rocha Antunes – part I
Quinta da Fonte by Luís Rocha Antunes – part II

Oeiras Valley videos

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